March Meeting

Please remember that the March meeting is Saturday the 13th, after Susan Wilson's workshop, not on a Tuesday, and not on the first Saturday, either.

And I am so sorry I won't be there for either the workshop or the meeting, My husband picks our ski trips out long before we schedule our workshops, unfortunately. And the ski club we belong to is going to Snow Mass that week, so that's where we will be. I hope they have as much snow as my friends in MD and DC who are beginning to complain about their riches.

In case I didn't describe very well where Santa Fe Fabrics is, it is across from Trader Joe's and closer to the church where we meet than Trader Joe's is. It in the same bunch of stores as CVS, but at the west most end. Can you tell that right now I can't think of the name of any of those streets to save my soul?-Su


March Guild Meeting

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Unitarian Church (Galisteo and Barcelona), Santa Fe
9:30 Social, 10:30 Program

"Weave It Polychrome!"
Susan Wilson

Polychrome means “many colors.” If a textile has many colors, is it always polychrome? And how is a weave structure “woven polychrome”? In this slide-lecture, you’ll learn the answer to these questions and how to use this exciting technique to add complexity and richness to familiar four- to eight-shaft weaves such as twill, overshot, summer and winter, crackle, and laces.

Susan Wilson received the HGA Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving, Master Level, in 1990, with a specialty in crackle weave. Her work has been published in Weaver's, Handwoven, Complex Weavers Journal, and Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazines, and her crackle sample was featured on the cover of A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler. She has lectured and taught workshops throughout the U.S. and at several Convergences and regional conferences. A weaver for 40 years, Susan enjoys pattern weaving, sampling to explore woven structure, and creating household textiles and clothing accessories.