September Meetings Scheduled

Our wonderful, hard-working program committee has scheduled two September events to kick-off our 2009-2010 schedule.

Tuesday, Sept 8th - a pot luck lunch gathering at the lovely home of Ken and Ruthie Coleman, in Santa Fe (directions will be in newsletter).
  • For the potluck, last names starting with the letters A thru L should bring an entree of some sort; last names starting with M thur Z should bring dessert
  • Program committee provide drinks, cups, paper plates, napkins, utensils (we still have no hospitality person)
  • Parking is somewhat limited: about 10 free spots, and the rest must park at meters down the street (so bring a potluck item that's easy to carry!)
  • We'll have a meeting to include announcements, extended show and tell, reports on IWC, etc.

Our second meeting in September is:

Tuesday, September 22nd - Tapestry presentation at the UUCSF by Susan Martin-Maffei and Archie Brennen

  • Because they are such well-known tapestry artists we have invited EVFAC members and Las Aranas members
  • We wanted to take advantage of their presence in town - hence the date and second meeting in September
  • We'll not be doing show and tell at this meeting