February Guild Meeting – Barbara Tyner

From Rainbirds to Rainbows:
Women Artists and Abstraction in the Southwest with an Emphasis on Weavers
Presented by Barbara Tyner

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Georgia O’Keeffe’s velvety abstractions of landscape, bones and stones signify art in New Mexico, but abstraction in the Southwest is nothing new. Indigenous women potters, painters and weavers have been working in abstract modalities – from stylization to abstract geometric patterning – for thousands of years. Maybe it’s the chile.

Barbara Tyner worked formerly as a southwest archeologist and journalist. She is currently an adjunct professor of art history in the School of Art and Design at Santa Fe Community College, and serves as the New Mexico Committee Ambassador to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. She is writing a book as well as curating an exhibition on three thousand years of New Mexico women artists.

Barbara is a Canadian-American art historian, writer, curator and film-maker. An acclaimed and exciting speaker, she lectures widely on her specialties – women’s art history and the arts of Native America. Her knack for storytelling and her playful approach to art history reflect her interest in making art and culture accessible to all and a normal part of daily life.

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe