March 1 Guild Meeting

Leigh Alexander is our speaker for March, she moved to this area from South Carolina where she had a weaving studio in Charleston SC (1997- 2006). In this studio she made rugs, drapes and upholstery fabrics to order . Since coming here she has been selling weekly at the farmers’ market, which allows her to make one of a kind items. Her garments have been described as unique, having a retro feel, but up-to date, and "earthy". She herself says "all the clothing has been designed to fit a range of body shapes and sizes and I’ve figured out various oddball ways to do that. I’ve used a wide variety of materials from copper wire to plastic gimp to the usual wools, cottons, linens. I’ve also explored a wide variety of weaves".

She willl be showing slides of the various projects she’s been involved in in the past 10 years. And she adds "Most of my older rugs are summer & winter, drapes are various laces and most recently I’ve been exploring double weaves. I’ll bring a pile of fabric samples, too for you to feel and analyze. Most of what I do is 8-10 harness but I’ll bring a good selection of 4 harness weaves to maybe pique your imagination. I’ve also been working on Lisa and Irv Trujillos’ AVL and have just set up a 20 harness dobby at EVFAC."